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Top 10 bag trends for spring/summer

BAGS are every girl’s best friend. They reflect your style, show the world who you are and make you look unique, so it’s essential that you choose a piece that is close to you.

The trend for handbags in 2012 seems to be “the bigger, the better”. Today’s on-the-go woman needs a handbag that can handle everything from make-up to mobile phones and every other electronic device she needs to keep her in the know and in touch while looking fashionable and irresistible.

But what will we be wearing in the arm candy department? Checkout my list of the hottest bag trends this season:

Bag trend #1: Knitted bags. Just as shoes come knitted, in spring/summer 2012 so do bags. Knitting looks unusual and stylish but you should be sure you have the right clothing to pair it with.

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Bag trend #3: Printed bags. We’re normally rather practical and choose bags which are more or less versatile. But designers are now advising us to be bolder and invest in bags which are not ordinary and those which feature interesting patterns.

Bag trend #4: Fold-over bags. Fold-over bags have been popular for a couple of seasons already and they will stay in fashion for the entire spring/summer 2012 season. They come in a great variety of sizes, colours and prints.

Bag trend #5: Small shoulder bags. Shoulder bags have always been in vogue, but this season only small shoulder bags will be trendy. And despite the fact they’re called shoulder bags they can be carried in your hands as well.

Bag trend #6: Satchel bags. Satchel bags are very comfortable, and while they don’t look big, they can hold plenty of things, making them best for those of us who like to have everything for every occasion in the one bag.

Bag trend #7: Wristlets. Wristlets, which are perfect for women who often lose things, will be very trendy this year. They come in a variety of designs and tones, especially ornate and embellished ones which are great for a night out when all you need is your lippy!

Bag trend #8: Totes and weekend bags. Opt for vibrant hues to stand out from the crowd or neutrals if you want a bag you could accessorise your every look with.

Bag trend #9:Tiny bags. Women have always loved small bags – they are good for special occasions and look interesting. But are you ready for a bag which is not small but tiny? Whether or not you are, these bags are to be a hit come summer.

Bag trend #10: Chain handles. Yes, since Chanel first introduced chain handles they have always been popular with fashionistas. The secret is simple – chain handles look even more luxurious than they really are.

Check out next week’s column on how to wear the sports luxe look!

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