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The Shapes of Spring/Summer 2014



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The Shapes of Spring/Summer 2014


Ladylike lengths and soft silhouettes are the shapes for Spring/Summer 2014, but do they work for you? 


Here are the key shapes to look out for and how to wear them.




THE Skirt:  midi-length

Midi is THE length to wear this season, so make the most of this ladylike look.  To get it right you need a style that suits your body shape, height and scale.  The key to success here is to ensure the hem of your skirt stops at the narrowest point of your leg.  You need to aim at getting the balance of your look right.  Try on your midi skirt with flats (for a more relaxed look) or heels (from kitten up) for a more sophisticated look.  Bare legs give this length an update, tights can make it look outdated unless you go ultra-sheer. Showing your ankles is the look this season!



Full midi skirts accentuate the waist and can look amazing but they can look too voluminous for petite ladies and add pounds to fuller figures.  The same goes for big pleats.  Softer pleats will hang perfectly over the hips of neat and full hourglass figures.  Pencil skirts in a good quality and soft or stretchy fabric can be very versatile and can be worn by all body shapes (make sure you wear the right top to flatter your shape in the skirt).  The structured pencil is best on inverted triangles, rectangles and neat hourglass figures.  A-line styles will add width to the hips so avoid if you are wider in this area. 






The Trousers: culottes


Culottes are one of those items people tend to shy away from, mainly because they don't know how to wear them, whether they suit them or how long they are going to stay in fashion.  They are great for those of you who 'don't do skirts' as they are a compromise between trousers and a skirt.  If you go for it, make sure they finish at a narrow point on your calf, you don't want to accentuate the bigger part of your calf.  Avoid cuffs at the bottom if your legs are short.  Below the knee are easiest to wear, but again, it's all about balance and getting the overall look right. Different heel heights will project a different look.   




The Top:  boxy blouse

These neat tops are somewhere between a T-shirt and a dressy blouse. It's a versatile piece for spring/summer as you can wear them for both casual and formal, depending on the colour or pattern.  The sleeves are generally just above the elbow, so it's cooler than having long sleeves but you don't have to worry about exposing your upper arms if you don't want to.  This shape works best on rectangles, ovals and inverted triangles, but it can be styled to work for other body shapes too if you know how to wear it. Avoid this style if you have a big bust or are longer in the body.




The Coat: oversized cocoon

The cocoon coat is very wearable and looks effortlessly stylish. Those that can't do belted coats will be delighted that this more relaxed style has taken off.  It is ideal for layering in spring and you can wear it with trousers or a straight skirt, but not with a full skirt.  The cut has a dropped shoulder so do be careful if you have smaller shoulders.  Three-quarter length is best for smaller figures but also more practical for everyone and the bracelet sleeves are perfect for milder weather.  Do buy one in a colour that you love and that really suits you.





Other styles to look out for this season are the wide-legged trouser - a welcome alternative to skinnies for some; the slouchy trench coat - more effortless style than the fitted look of the traditional version; the bomber jacket - the key piece for this season's relaxed, sporty look. 



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