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The Best Fashion Apps - 'Appy Shopping !


Not got time to hit the shops and get your retail therapy dose this week, don’t despair girls, I have compiled a list of the best apps for busy fashionistas on the go. So take out your iPads, iPhones and iPod touches and get downloading.

1. Style.com: The Style.com app is great because it streams all the latest fashion news right to your phone. The layout is clear and easy to see on an iPhone screen. The app also features high-quality runway photos so be sure to download this beauty before Fashion Week!

2. Glamour magazine's Ask a Stylist: This app is pretty amazing and a better shopping companion than your best friend. All you do is take a photo of your outfit and upload it. Within 15 minutes you'll have fashion advice from an array of stylists. You can even match your preferences to a particular stylist so you know whose advice to follow closely.

3. Fashism: similar to number 2 but instead of stylists, you crowd source advice from online community members. This is the best assortment of non-stylist advice givers I’ve found.

4. TouchCloset:  Ever forget the clothes hanging in the back of your closet only to dig them out during spring cleaning and lament your neglect? Forget no more. With TouchCloset take a picture of each item of clothing you own and organize them by category. You'll have your whole wardrobe right at your fingertips and will never forget that fabulous sweater in the back of your closet ever again.

5. WhoWhatWear: This free (yes, free!) app is great if your monthly Vogue subscription just isn't giving you enough style inspiration. Instead of waiting for the new issue to show up in your mailbox, download WhoWhatWear for daily updates on the latest trends.

6. ShopStyle: The absolute best app for shopping on the go, ShopStyle hosts a wide array of clothing retailers. Making a purchase is incredible simple and for those who would like to save a little cash, ShopStyle also features sale alerts.

7. Fashion ON AIR: Fashion ON AIR brings the latest fashion news to you through stories, links and videos. it's a great multimedia app.


8. La Redoute : Want a piece of French chic? Then this app from the largest mail-order company in France will deliver a series of practical tips of how to make its users and their families look effortlessly stylish. This lovely simple interface matches the designs on offer in terms of their accessibility and style. A great app for sourcing style ideas for both the home and user.

Best for shopping

Just think of all that potential shopping time you are wasting when away from your computer screen and local high street. Well, don't worry, because thanks to the latest apps from your favourite stores, you can buy at any time of day or night. Next has an excellent app that allows you to shop directly from your iPhone without kicking you out to the site, as so many apps do. So do All Saints, Net-a-Porter (both iPhone) and Henry Holland's app (Blackberry). My favourite, though, is Shopstyle, which allows you to trawl through an entire virtual city of shops, picking by designer, style, colour or price to find the perfect outfit for you.

Best for bargains

There are an increasing number of virtual discount outlet stores these days; my favourite is vente-privee, originally French but now operating in many more countries. Once you've joined up, you get access to some brilliant sales - everything from Stella McCartney lingerie to Diesel jeans - and there's a constant influx of new bargains. It's all presented beautifully too, with the iPhone app as easy to use as the site itself.

Appy Shopping!

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