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Staying Stylish In The Rain

Don’t let rain clouds get you down – there are plenty of bright options for keeping dry and looking stylish this Autumn. There are three essential pieces to a rainy day wardrobe – a rain coat, rain boots and of course, an umbrella.

When it comes to selecting a jacket, water resistant doesn’t have to mean big and bulky – lace, colours and patterns are great ways to stay chic on a gloomy day. During a downpour, soggy feet can be a day-ruiner. Make a splash with bold statements on your feet. Lastly, Keeping dry should never be dull! Brighter, more stylish – and with a deliciously dramatic knee-length crop, the classic mac is set to reign again.


Trench coats, the wardrobe staple of detectives and femme fatales alike, don't have to limit you to dark alleyways and crime scenes. Today's trench coats come in both dark, sophisticated shades and light, feminine hues, such as peach and periwinkle. Wearing a flattering women's coat can be simple if you know which clothing and accessories will look best.


The trench can be a tricky look to pull off. No one wants to look like Columbo now do they. Celebs love them and wear them well.

 TV presenter Alexa Chung and actress Emma Watson, manage to pull it off with a bit of bare leg and a lot of attitude. But for us mortals, it can be difficult to see any merit in what is actually quite a boring beige garment. And what’s the point of those fussy flaps, vents and epaulettes?


Lately, though, the trench has had a bit of a makeover. Bright colours and fancy styling have made it more  foxy.

The coolest way to wear the trench is short – on the knee or above – and casually. That means open rather than belted, and with the sleeves pushed up.

Follow these tips to create new looks featuring your fabulous trench coat.



Wearing Trench Coats:


1.                  Dress up your jeans. The simplest way to wear your trench coat is over jeans and a T-shirt. However, consider the length of your trench coat. Cropped or knee-length women's trench coats look best with jeans, but you may want to wear heels or boots with a longer trench coat so that you look taller. If you are very petite, trench coats that fall past your knees will overwhelm your body and make you look shorter.


2.                  Spruce up a shift. Shift dresses, with their slim, straight lines, benefit from a belted trench coat, which adds shape. Choose a women's trench coat that just covers the hem of the dress or extends past it a few inches for a streamlined look. You can also wear a cropped coat with your dress, but be sure to wear heels or boots to elongate your body.


3.                  Wear a trench coat over a sweater dress. Ladies' trench coats can look stiff and formal if worn over similarly straight fabrics. To switch things up a bit, layer a belted trench coat over a knee-length sweater dress, tights and boots. The contrasting textures will look great together.


4.                  Show off your skirt. A pencil skirt and dressy blouse get a touch of edgy style with a ladies' trench coat that falls to the hem of the skirt. Add killer heels and elegant jewelry to the ensemble and you'll look stunning for a day at the office or an evening out with friends. You can also wear a trench coat over a fuller skirt and heels.


5.                  Make your trench coat more casual. To avoid making your ladies' trench coat look so formal, wear it over lightweight cargo pants, affine knit sweater, cardigan and flats or ankle boots. A similar look would include twill or cotton trousers and a colorful scarf.


Happy Shopping !

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