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Don't sacrifice style for your baby bump this Autumn.

Following the announcement that one of the music industry’s finest pop stars is expecting her first child, Natasha Aghalar looks at different ways to dress your bump and where to shop for those all important comfortable but stylish maternity clothes.

When chart diva Beyonce Knowles revealed her pregnancy at the MTV Video Music Awards just over a week ago, it went crazy on Twitter with telltale status updates and congratulatory tweets.

In fact, it was reported that the singer’s baby bump news jolted more than 8,000 tweets a second in total – a record for the social media service.

With Beyonce’s baby joy being such a hot topic, who better to talk to about dressing for pregnancy than image consultant and mum Wenda James-Rowe of The Style Team.

Talking about her own pregnancy, she says: “I started to show at about five months, so until then I could just about get away with wearing normal clothes but in a slightly larger size.

“Whatever you wear, it’s important to choose the fabrics carefully.

“Natural fibres allow the skin to breath and feel cool against the skin. You want to stay clear from man-made fibres, and definitely no polyester.”

It’s generally in the second trimester that women tend to regain the energy they initially lost, but instead lose their waistline.

“Opt for stretchy waistbands in both skirts and trousers,” advises Wenda.

“It will be obvious to those around you that you’re pregnant during this stage, so you’ll no longer be able to get away with wearing regular clothes.”

The 43-year-old from Cardiff Bay suggests shopping at Topshop and Peacocks for maternity wear and claims that both stores offer a fantastic range.

She adds: “Ten, 15, 20 years ago, high street stores like these didn’t cater for pregnant women – we just had Mothercare and places like that.

“Of course, you can always borrow clothes from friends who’ve had babies to try and cut down costs.”

Expectant mum Stacey Clarke, 32, from Cardiff, works as a complimentary therapist and is currently 31 weeks into her pregnancy.

She also recommends shopping at high street store Peacocks, saying: “The store is great for maternity leggings and long sleeve tops.

“Online retailer ASOS is also very good for maternity wear – the clothes aren’t frumpy like those from certain other places.”

She adds: “Maternity wear can be quite expensive though, especially as you might only wear the pieces for a few weeks before you outgrow them, so it really helps if you can borrow clothes from post-pregnancy friends or family.”

Comfort is what it’s really all about during the final stage of pregnancy.

Yes, you still want to look good, and as Wenda says, “There’s no reason why any woman can’t be stylish when pregnant”, but you don’t want to feel uncomfortable and irritated.

When your baby is causing increased pain in your back, opt for a pair of jersey trousers teamed with a tunic and a long cardigan rather than the tighter and more body-hugging range of maternity attire.

“Wear light layers and go for empire line tops and dresses.

“This style is absolutely excellent, as the bands fits directly under the bust instead of smack bang in the middle of your stomach,” adds Wenda.

In order to sustain looking chic, embrace embellishment like never before. Any sort of embroidery or detail adds that little bit of oomph to an outfit and spruces up your overall look.

Incorporate the overlooked essentials of your wardrobe – accessories – to add interest combined with a hint of sophistication.

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belts and scarves have the ability to set off an outfit and give the ensemble that boost it needs.

Finally, the fashion faux pas of the pregnancy world is wearing anything that reveals your bare bump.

Not only does it have an unattractive appeal, but it actually looks uncomfortable for the expectant woman donning the distasteful look.

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