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Denim Trends For 2013


Denim can be edgy, casual, elegant, tough or feminine, depending on the type you choose and how you style it. For Spring / Summer 2013 fashion designers showcased a tempting variety that can easily be incorporated into any wardrobe.


Denim's history stretches back over two centuries - and in 2013, it's as popular as it's ever been. Thanks to its durability, its warmth and its versatility, denim has become a major feature in wardrobes the world over.

This year, denim is taking on classic styles and giving them a significant contemporary makeover. Read on to find out more about how to wear denim in 2013.


Denim jackets


Denim jackets are making a big comeback this year. After enjoying a period of popularity in the 1990s, they have generally been out of favour in the 21st century - until now. Their basic style hasn't changed much: women can still expect denim jackets to be simple, button-down affairs with two breast pockets and cuffs to the wrist. It sounds ordinary, but denim jackets can easily be made extraordinary by how you wear them. A favourite style with celebrities is a denim jacket worn over a knee-length floral dress with sandals. This is a great look for a summer festival - just remember to swap the sandals for wellingtons. Alternatively, try wearing one with high-waisted trousers and a ruffle-detailed shirt, or over a maxi dress for chic outerwear.

If the classic style still doesn't appeal, search for variations. Cowboy-style jackets, for instance, typically have fewer pockets and buttons but more colourful details. Think kaleidoscopic, Western-style embroidery along the shoulders and a fringe at the waist. These details mean that cowboy denim jackets don't need many accessories. Instead, pair with a plain black dress, wedged heels and a clutch bag to add a frontier-style frisson to your evening wear.


Double denim


We saw the trend make an appearance a few seasons ago and it’s coming back this Spring / Summer but in a more subtle way. Designers are giving the double denim trend a clean, modern update. Think beyond the combination of jeans and matching jackets. Instead of jackets, try denim shirts, cut-offs and accessories.


How to wear jeans this year


The most enduring way to wear denim is, unsurprisingly, in the form of jeans. Jeans fashion doesn't tend to change as rapidly as other clothes, but there are some interesting trends to watch out for in 2013. Brightly coloured denim, for example, will be back in full force come summer. Until then, look out for dark metallic-painted jeans, as well as variations in plum and wine hues.

If skinny jeans are beginning to tire you out, get on board with this season's big trend in women's jeans: cropped denim. These jeans are generally just as fitted as skinny jeans but end a few inches above the ankle. Cropped jeans are particularly feminine, and look great with floral blouses or fitted tops. Pair with high heels or wedges to elongate your silhouette, as this style does have a tendency to make women look shorter. And if you've got a pair of old jeans festering at the back of your wardrobe, now's the time to take them out as ripped denim is re-emerging as a major fashion statement.


The ripped or distressed look is moving beyond jeans to shirts, jackets and shorts on the runway. Team edgy ripped separates with elegant blouses, floral or insect-shaped brooches, and crystal-rimmed sunglasses this fashion season.


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