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Be comfortable in your skin!


News Flash: Snakeskin is the new leopard print. Put down your wild cat cashmere and let your head be turned by the python (faux obviously). At the Paris shows Chloe ran with the reptile print trend, showing it in both natural hues and colour washed version. Since then we've been waiting with bated breath for the high street to follow

Snakeskin has been a hot fashion trend all this year and looks set to continue. Fashion designers have been playing with its intriguing patterns and textures on everything from bags to belts, boots to jackets and even shirts and home decor products. If you haven't yet got any snakeskin, faux or real in your wardrobe, snap up a bargain in the end-of-season designer fashion sales. With bright colors animating autumn's color palette this year, there is no reason not to liven up a little black dress with a colorful summer clutch in snakeskin print or even the genuine article.

Whether you’re into it or not (we certainly are) snakeskin is all the rage for fall! From Prada to Chloé, many fashion houses used it as a focal point in their collections, and from what we gather, when it comes to styling more is definitely more. However, we know that not everyone is comfortable sporting straight off the runway looks so we’ve put together two very distinct ways to rock this trend on the streets without looking like you’re trying too hard. Whether soft and earthy or tough and hard there’s definitely a way to wear snakeskin for everyone this season. Which will you wear?

There is nothing more appealing than pairing two sexy complimentary fabrics together such as leather & lace (last year's hot trend), or leather & SNAKESKIN (spring 2011's hottest new trend). I love snakeskin because the pattern creates a compelling statement in a subtle way. In addition, the texture and pattern help tie together an exotic vibe through effortless luxe. In the past, snakeskin was most often used in accessories such as handbags or heels and flats. Yet this year, designers are breaking away from traditional norms and incorporating snakeskin in everyday wear. Whether you decide to wear hints of snakeskin or a full on snakeskin dress, be sexy in this new exotic trend!


1. Snakeskin and solid print: Pairing snakeskin with another pattern is tricky because snakeskin in itself is already an over elaborate print. Therefore, when wearing snakeskin, let this piece take on the show and keep everything else solid print. This is the best way to keep a consistent look and the safest way to refrain from an unsettling look.

2. Bold it up with contrasting accessories: Create a juxt apposition by pairing it with an unexpected accessory combo. One great thing about snakeskin is that it surprisingly pairs well with different trend-tentional accessories. Like who would have thought snakeskin and pearls could look so seamless? Accessories are also the best way to bring color into the outfit. Wearing a bold colored necklace or bold colored set's of bracelets can help liven up your outfit.

3. Keep it classy: Snakeskin already provides a sexy and exotic appeal. Therefore, there's no need to intentionally add on to that by buying a snakeskin dress, that's body hugging, low-cut, AND with netted detailing (trust me I've seen it before =X). You want to look effortlessly sexy, not promiscuously, hooker sexy. So, keep it subtly sexy and classy by having the snakeskin piece be more conservative, or by pairing it with professional attire.

If you are looking for a way to polish up an outfit or accessorize with an ultra-trendy piece, the snakeskin clutch is this season’s go-to handbag. It’s posh, chic and incredibly versatile.

Whether you’re dressing up to hit the latest hot restaurant or you just need a simple carry-all to take to work, a snakeskin clutch can easily be the perfect bag for either situation. These bags range in color from black, brown and grey, to bold shades of neon green, raspberry, yellow and turquoise. Of course, actual snakeskin is neither animal-friendly nor budget-friendly, so we’re fans of the faux variety.

Happy Shopping x W

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