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Men today are also under increasing pressure to look good. Lots of men let their partners choose their entire wardrobes and don't know how to reflect their personality through their clothes. They find shopping a chore, and in particular have trouble bridging the smart-casual gap.

Colour management is even more important for men than it is for women. If a woman chooses to wear colours that don't flatter she can lift her features with make-up, men don't have this option so knowing what colours suit vital.

The psychological effect of colour is a powerful tool in the business world. You'll learn exactly how to look "authorative" or "approachable" and what's appropriate in different situations.

Find out:

  • What’s my killer colour ?
  • How to wear a mix of colours ?
  • What is meant by Smart Casual?
  • Exactly what shoes should I wear with what trousers?
  • Should I tuck shirts in our out?
  • Where do I shop for my style personality?
  • How much money should I invest in a suit?

Looking for a promotion, new partner, benchmark birthday or just fishing for compliments, the men's consultation is focussed, concise and motivational.

A 1.5 hour men's consultation will combine colour, style, grooming and shopping advice.

Price: POA

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