Colour Analysis

I will determine a colour palette based on your hair, eye colour and skin tone. You will be shown how to add new colours to your wardrobe and the best colour combinations for you to use.

Shopping will be easier as you'll know exactly what colours suit you

You'll be able to brighten up current wardrobe basics with colourful accessories .You'll be able to mix all the clothes in your wardrobe effortlessly . Flattering make-up and colours can instantly make you appear 10 years younger.

The Style Team experience is effective because its more about making the best of what you have. I'll show you how different colours can look great when accessorised or combined properly.

Colour analysis also includes an in-depth review of your make-up choices and application techniques. Most of my clients prefer a natural look and are thrilled with the soft natural textures of the CMB products and ease of application. 

The session lasts 1.5 to 2 hours and includes a luxury leather wallet containing your 42 personalised fabric swatches and a make-up prescription.

Individual Colour Analysis is £125 and includes a free scarf in a fabulous colour to match your personal colouring.

Group sessions and Gift Vouchers also available

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